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Learn what exemplary Aktion Clubs are doing in the Carolinas.....
* Have Karaoke at a club meeting. Get service donated.
* Each Aktion Club should write at least 1 x $35 to SCAW ( ) which is international Aktion project.
* Each Aktion Club should write check of $2 per member to Eliminate project which is Kiwanis International project.
* One club raised $1200 by having a Bowl-A-Thon which involves Aktion Clubbers getting sponsors. Many Aktion Clubs bowl but why not convert this to a fundraiser?
* Have a Dance-A-Than where money is raised through sponsorships. 
* Build up Aktion Treasury with fundraisers so that checks can be written to good causes in the community.
“Aktion Clubbers Can Sell Anything” - this is common theme amongst Aktion leaders. Give them peanuts, tickets, anything to sell any they will sell them. Have you challenged your Aktion Clubbers to sell anything lately?
* Hold an Aktion Fashion Show where clothes can be donated by local thrift store. Sell tickets and make it a fundraiser.
* Have an inventory of Aktion Thank you cards at all meetings to thank Kiwanis Clubs, Agencies, donors, sponsors, etc.
* Enlist a local taxi service to provide FREE transportation to Aktion Clubbers who express special need to get to meetings.
* An Aktion Club can Adopt an Elementary School Class with Special Needs Children as a project.
* Invite an Aktion Club to run a Kiwanis meeting (up until time of speaker).
* Membership should never be a problem within Aktion Clubs. There are Aktion Clubs where prospects are begging to get in.
* Start a Pen-pal program.
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"Aktion Clubs of the Carolinas are making a difference in their communities."
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Jack Hatfield's Aktion Club in Flat Rock, N.C. would like to share some Aktion ideas with each club advisor.  Click here to start.